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On March 15 2017, Compassion International must end its sponsorship program in the country of India after many years of serving children in extreme poverty. What will happen to the children and families in India? The ministry of the churches we partnered with will continue as long as believers in the country are faithful to God's call to take care of the poor.

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Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP) is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that provides relief to veterans with PTSD and other injuries by taking them on multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. Our mission is to honor and encourage veterans while providing them with opportunities to decompress, get unstuck, and connect with other veterans.

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DPS CareerConnect offers engaging, project-based courses and experiential learning opportunities in relevant career pathways. These aren’t your typical lecture-style classes; students will demonstrate what they've learned through hands-on projects. When enrolled in these career pathway courses, students will also have access to hands-on learning outside the classroom including mentoring, internships, and more. Students can graduate from DPS with college credit, industry experience, and invaluable soft skills.

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This 3-year CareerResidency program gives students a head start on their college and career goals. Through this program, students can earn a high school diploma, money, and training opportunities including credentials and certificates, college courses, and fully stackable degrees. Learn more about the program by visiting:

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When The Lord's Resistance Army came into Olive's town in Uganda, her family was forced to flee from their home. However, things dramatically changed when she was enrolled in our program. To sponsor a child and partner with us to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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When Enock learned to make bracelets in Haiti, his family, community and life began to thrive. Help other kids like Enock learn about microenterprise and income generation - 

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We are made in God's image. We are made of love not shame. We are never alone. Christ is with us. Do not be afraid.

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Network Coffee House has been around for 38 years, and our mission has stayed the same: to provide a place for long-term, redemptive relationships. Welcome.

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Motion and Graphic Design

Funderaiser/Gala Design

Motorcycle Relief Project Fundraiser 2017 | Slide deck, animated live auction items, overview video, printed testimonial cards for table decoration, beverage tickets, programs.

Compassion International held a Gala for over 3,000 people. I designed the stage set and physically installed it, managed a live art portion where participants built a mosaic on stage, and build collateral including invites, videos, and more.