Escaping the underworld! | A Story About Bravely Facing the Darkness


Most days I just go about doing the things.

Being myself.

Living fantastically.

It all feels sweet and fun and right.


That is until my brain pulls me into its underworld.


An underworld of insecurity. Where hags of darkness reign and where confidence, creativity, and delight feel crushed.

And I sit, caged.


Swinging in the darkness, I feel pity for myself. Pity turns to despair, despair to resentment, and resentment to victim.

And I wallow in my victim while I swing in my cage - trapped, alone, and powerless while the hags around me laugh.


Eventually surrender is all I can welcome. And I become silent in my cage.


The hags are curious at my silence and come to get a closer look.

One at a time, they approach my cage and peer in.


Miss Judgement comes first, and the light from her candle flashes quick across her face. In that moment, I see something I hadn’t noticed before...


Miss Judgement is sad.


Then Miss Resentment draws near, and I watch her carefully.

She isn’t the bitter woman I thought she was. Loneliness is all I see.


With each candle flash, I see more, and I see deeper.

Miss Perfection seeking acceptance, Miss Disappointment longing to be loved, Miss Jealousy wanting connection.


And my heart shifts. I am not in the presence of my enemies, but of kindred spirits longing, just like me, to be enough, to be loved, to be accepted.

“I see you”, I say with confidence in my bones. “I too feel sadness, loneliness, lack of connection, and a deep desire to be loved. And I want to be your friend.

It seems we are not so different after all.”


And with that, the cage around me turns to dust and the darkness becomes light.

And we look at each other and see kindness in each other’s faces.


And we welcome each other. And we love each other.


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